PADI Divemaster Training:                                   The TL Sea Diving Difference



If you like people, have a passion for scuba diving and want an extraordinary life – become a PADI Divemaster! This is the starting point for all PADI Professionals.  Becoming a Divemaster allows you to share your love of the aquatic world with others while doing what you enjoy – being in, around and under water. You are rewarded with a job that lets you share incredible underwater adventures with others. You will also transform their lives for the better and enrich yours.  As a certified Divemaster, you also have the opportunity to earn incoming by leading dives and conducting certain PADI programs* and Specialties independently*.

Divemaster is the foundation for Professional Training

The program is intense, but a fun experience with a rewarding pay-off: opportunities for income by leading divers or teaching certain PADI courses* as a PADI Divemaster.  It is also the first step toward becoming a PADI Instructor.  TL Sea Diving focuses on real-life type interaction between the Divemaster candidates and the Instructor. Your instructor is your mentor and facilitates the activities. 

You will get the opportunity to expand your diving knowledge and polish your scuba skills. As a Divemaster candidate, you will also become comfortable with diving leadership skills working with divers. This also gives the opportunity to gain experience as an instructional assistant and teaching PADI courses that Divemasters may conduct.

Faster Is Not Better With the Divemaster Program!

While some dive centers advertise completing Divemaster in a couple of weeks,  our staff will help you take advantage of the format of TL Sea Diving’s PADI Divemaster Training Program. This format uses real-world experience and internship to allow you to develop your personal skills to professional level.  Take as long as you need to become comfortable with your skills.  We discuss your progress with you as we work together toward your goals.

Click here for a handy, downloadable guide you can use to map your own personal path to becoming a PADI Professional.  Below you can find out more about each of the PADI Professional Level Programs.  Give us a call at TL Sea Diving to schedule some time to discuss your goals.


If you have any questions about the PADI Divemaster Training Programs or any PADI Professional Programs,  contact TL Sea Diving. TL Sea Diving is the area’s premier PADI Five Star Instructor Development Facility.  We will discuss with you the benefits of achieving your goals with us!


* Certified and Insured PADI Divemasters may conduct certain PADI Programs, such as Discover Local Diving and may qualify to teach Discover Scuba Diving and certain PADI Standard Specialties after meeting specific requirements.  If you have questions, please contact us and we can give you answers!

About TL Sea Diving

TL Sea Diving is one of Seattle’s most experienced PADI 5 Star IDC Instructor Development Centers. We have been a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, training PADI Professionals, for more than 28 years! 

Our Instructor Staff

The TL Sea Diving staff of PADI certified instructors will mentor you toward your professional diving goals.  Our Instructor Staff has 40 years of combined experience teaching PADI Professional Programs. They also regularly participate in PADI Continuing Education to provide you with the best resource for your training.

Get Started!

You can start today by contacting TL Sea Diving and scheduling a meeting in-person with our Instructors. Bring your questions!  We will let you know what you will need (books and materials), talk with you about your experience and show you the path forward. This includes detailing all costs involved.